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Refractive Dialer is the first and only multi-line dialing system with zero delay. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is not a predictive dialer or a voice blaster. This new and unique technology allows a single marketing agent to make as many calls as a 30 agent call center. Using Refractive Dialer will dramatically increase the number of live people your agents speak to. Refractive Dialer enables you to operate a lean and cost-effective contact center, boost sales, market share, and profits, achieving immediate value.

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Refractive Dialer systems are specifically designed to be very user friendly as well as highly customizable for YOUR business.

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"We have been using Refractive Dialer for over one year. The productivity gains have been amazing. I highly recommend this product."

-Bryan Galloway
Data Processing Services

"Our contact ratios have increased 10 fold! Great support, and a smart system. This is by far the best phone technology!"

-Josh Hartmaz
Voyage Financial Group

"Refractive Dialer represents a level of predictive dialing sophistication that until now was simply not available to a business of our size."

-Micaiah Filkins
Force by Design